Where we started

When I moved to Philadelphia in the summer of 2000 for graduate school, I had no idea it would take me two years to find a Caribbean restaurant!  This challenge led me to create a paper directory of Caribbean businesses called “Bluewaterpages.”  While initially serving as a guide for those of Caribbean and non-Caribbean origin seeking Caribbean food and services, the directory also gave small businesses a bigger microphone to attract many more customers.


Going Digital

In 2004, the business directory grew from a print version to, an online directory and a mobile app.  Both allow for a robust and interactive user experience, including directions to businesses, an online comments section, and the ability for business to upload themselves to the website and gain free exposure to the community.  It also greatly expanded the audience from local to worldwide.


Our goals

Fourteen years later, our goals have not changed:



In 2002, we started with 5000 listings; today, we are approaching 700,000!  Our website and mobile applications have been viewed and downloaded by tens of thousands of users.  Despite these accomplishments, millions of Caribbean and non- Caribbean people still do not know about our services.  


Our future

We are increasing awareness of our services by: We’re here to serve you!




Kissinger P Goldman DO, MBA

CEO, Bluewater Marketing & Consulting LLC

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