Bahamas Online Marketplace

Unleashing our own resources with a new interactive online marketplace is the primary goal of the country’s newest online marketplace  Like the world renowned ‘ebay’; where you can compare prices, bid for the best price, buy out and sell items, the Bahamablaze Marketplace allows the same functionality and benefits but with one difference: it’s designed exclusively for the Bahamas. The website provides a local trading platform where we can trade practically anything from pieces of art to consumer items directly and inexpensively.  This product definitely brings new economic opportunities by developing additional income opportunities and eliminating middlemen while lowering barriers to buying and selling within the Bahamas.


A place to shop.  Because of the immense variety of items that will be available for sale, is forecasted to become the country’s preferred online marketplace to shop and to comparison shop.  We are encouraging local businesses to list their items for sale on the site.  Listings include features such as photos, detailed item description, seller ratings and even media uploads to list a few.  Because you will be able to see the same items in various conditions and from various sellers, you will gain insight into the real value of most goods around the country. The site is open to residents on all of our Bahama Islands and abroad.


 A place to buy.  Find nearly anything you want at prices better than you can find in a traditional brick and mortar or individual online stores.  Free for buyers and extremely cost effective for Sellers; to participate on the site you must register.  Registration is quick, easy and free.  After you have confirmed your registration through your email address you are able to browse the site for the item/s you want to purchase.  Once you have located the item, u can bid on it or buy it out if the option is available. The seller will then send you an invoice with your item’s description and costs, various payment and delivery options. 


 A place to sell.  Nearly anything listed sells if Sellers are flexible enough about their prices.  Even unusual items that aren’t in demand seem to move at a steady pace.  Individuals and Businesses alike can sell on the site.  Using the website’s contact form or by phone, persons can request to sell items individually (persons with sports equipment ect. in the garage not being used) or to apply for a web store (for existing businesses).  Only after successful completion of a mandatory validation process will Selling Capabilities be activated for any member.  There are an unlimited amount of categories in which items can be listed.  Seller benefits include direct links to their existing website from the marketplace, a listing service for companies with large inventory, merchant account to accept credit card payments, massive exposure throughout the family islands and internationally for craft categories, web store customization and rates as low as fifteen dollars per month to name a few. 


 Quality Assurance is key on the site as buyers who fail to pay for items won or Sellers failing to deliver items will be banned from participating in the marketplace.  Bahamablaze is committed to making the online shopping experience a positive one. 

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10 Dec 2016

By S.E. Collie