Daydreaming in Nevis: Made Possible by the Eternal Kiss of Sky and Ocean

“Daydreaming in Nevis: Made Possible by the Eternal Kiss of Sky and Ocean

There is tranquil living here in the lovely cottage where I live, located in CADES BAY.  I adore it here as the turn off the main road onto Springhill offers many gifts.  Not least among them is quiet and serenity of the hills.  Fortunate am I that the road though unpaved takes one away from the e noise of the taxis, tour buses, boom boxes and trucks.  There is the added value of the sweetness of the pure air and the view of the distant Sea on one side and the lush green hills and valleys on the other.

Here nature enhances the ability to work at what Socrates in his wisdom admonished us to strive to do ‘Know thyself!’  The well landscaped garden is alive with blooms and fruit of the Caribbean.  Afforded am I opportunities to sit under the plant-covered arbor and doze; gaze from the veranda of the Big House at the Azure waters of the Caribbean Sea; and, as well to stroll the garden soaking up the golden sunshine.  And to you ole Socrates I submit that the me I am getting to know is one who adores nature, the simpler the better.

The way the expansive sky kisses the Sea has the hypnotic effect of inducing one to daydreaming, as we all did as children.  Sitting on the veranda of my small cottage the other afternoon had me remembering doing so in the knob hills of Kentucky where I grew up.  Sitting on my grandmother’s porch (as we call verandas there) I would have the most entertaining of moments.  Sometimes spending the entire morning (once I had completed my daily chore of washing up the breakfast dishes) I would gaze up at the blue sky and let my imagination soar.

Oh my, the castles to be found in those big while mounds of cloud formations.  And fire-breathing dragons too.  Always there is a beautiful fairy princess trapped in the highest tower of the castle.  As the dragon approaches her the Knight in Shining armor comes galloping on horseback to the rescue.  He is, of course, enveloped in a fast moving cloud formation (actually the stream of steam from the tail of a jet flying high in the sky.) Just as he is about to gain ground upon the mean ole dragon; magically the dragon disappears, as the cloud formation dissolves.  Soon the dragon is joined by castle, princess and Knight as the clouds disperse leaving me with only the peaceful blue of the wide sky.

This however is not the end of my creative daydreaming.  Now there are the birds flying high in the sky.  How I envy their ability of flight.  How I too would like to soar through the breeze, upwards seemingly close at times to the clouds themselves.  What must it feel like I wonder?  Conquering the limitations of time and my own creation I imagine myself a soaring eagle and upwards I climb with arms, make that wings outstretched I too fly.  Oh I say sailing over my grandparent’s cozy farm house ‘there is the homestead of John and Lula Mae Crowdus, wonder what the little brown-skinned girl with her braids and ashy knees is up to on this beautiful day!”

Such were the joy-filled innocent days of my youth.  And Nevis I thank you most graciously and genuinely for giving me the space and bountiful beauty of your island and its people that frees me once again to soar, even if it is once again only in my daydreaming.

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27 Dec 2016

By GyeNyami