How to choose your provider for international calls to Haiti

The global market is full of providers for international calls worldwide, including calls to Haiti. is one that meets those important aspects that we should consider when picking up our provider for international calls to Haiti, and that's because the team behind took customer feedback very seriously in order to have a realistically good service.

So, there are aspects we should pay attention to before deciding which is the most suitable service for our international calls to Haiti. So, here is a list of things to consider before buying Voice Credit for international use.  


#1 Make sure they have NO Hidden Fees

First thing that makes a relationship good, including that with a provider or brand or a team is honesty. Make sure your future provider is fair! Otherwise, run Forest, run!, for example, does not only claim that have no hidden fees, but makes that obvious in the checkout. By the way the way, having an account is free. So, there is no trick behind, realistically speaking:  

One thing to consider if everything seems fair is the section Terms and Conditions. Many keep it "clean" up to that point. But how to get accross all the provisions that make the Terms long and tiring to read entirely? Try Ctr+F keyboard combination and write "fees" or "fee" or anything related in the top right field of your desktop.

#2 Watch out for Promotions, Giveaways & Extras

Are your potential providers generous? Do they have promotions, discounts, bonuses or any extras? Look for a press release on the web about this website related to price drops or gifts! Do they have a Facebook page hosting any contests, offers, or giveaways?, for example, adds loyalty points for every purchase. The points can be converted into free calls. Also, it makes available 4 free calling features in one's online account. It does not have a Promotion tab on the website, but if you go to its Facebook page called "I <3 Haiti", there are offers every two weeks or so. In February 2017, there were even 2 offers during the same week. Now that's generous, and the website is worth considering:  

#3 Does it address a Community or the whole world?

The advantage of a service that serves a specific community and not the "whole world" is the attention it gives to a low number of customers., although has a big database of customers, it is not comparable with the general telecom websites, because it serves the Haitian expat community alone. serves a part of the 1,15+ million Haitians living in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world. By the way, in 2015, it was 9,76% of the population of Haiti that was living abroad according to the International Organization of Migration.   

When you address a Community, feedback is also easier to manage. could perfect the service per customer feedback. Rates will be also tailored according to feedback, and new services introduced. International top ups of mobiles in Haiti were made available on thanks to customers' suggestions, besides the international calling service.

A service that addresses a specific community can easily communicate with the fans on Facebook. Messages are instant, Timeline topics are community related, and new friendships among fans occur. This is what happens on "I <3 Haiti" Facebook page powered by


#4 Make sure they are secure

One way to check the degree of security of a website is to look for Labels like Verified & Secure, BBB accredited, TRUSTe, or any compliance check authorities., for example, has all the 3 above. Their website architecture and security filters makes it among the strongest on the ecommerce market.



#5 What’s their History?

It is not necessarily to leave out a young business for an older one. Yet, just like in humans, experience counts. So, if the service has been operating on the market for more than 10 years, like, that is a plus. They had time to perfect their features, customer satisfaction strategy, etc.

#6 Easy to use

If you choose a service that meets all the above but it is hard to use, the rest will count to zero. Frustration will be your enemy every time you try to buy credit or use the service to call.

Customers have contributed to to make it easy. It takes few seconds to buy Voice Credit online, few seconds to recharge a mobile in Haiti online. And you don't need any computational skills. Experienced and inexperienced PC users are welcome!


#7 Do they accept your payment method?

Say, you are a Paypal fan. Does the service you want to choose accept this payment method? What if you have an American card? Do they accept that? What if you want to pay in euro? Can you do that?

You can do all of the above on, for example. And that makes it flexible for various users.



#8 Check out Reviews from existing or new customers

We do a lot of shopping based on recommendations. We even see the doctors our friends recommend, or call the tailor that our neighbor recommends. The same way, there are websites that collect recommendations, or even the opposite… complaints. Those are the best places to mirror a provider. Check out for example. By the way, has 4 stars and a half which is considered highly appreciated.


#9 Do they have a Contract?

Well, Contracts are not in fashion in the telecom business, so that you know… If a telecom company has one, you better read it thoroughly. If you pick as your provider for calls to Haiti or elsewhere, there is no need to worry. There is no Contract involved.


#10 Do they have an app? Is it free to install?

That is helpful when you're on the go. It is a plus. Now, another thing to check is if that app is free to install. It helps you save some bucks. for example has an app called KeepCalling, and it costs nothing to install, plus it has great reviews in App Store and Google Play.

#11 Can you call without any 3G, 4G or WiFi?

That is something that many companies don't have. Many telecom providers have apps. If you want to call someone who doesn't have the app installed, high rates apply. That is where things take another turn, and many users don't know it at first. They are glad they have the app, their sister has the app, and it is so easy to talk to her. But when you need to call mom who doesn't have the app, the outbound call to her has a spicy price, which is not the case with Rates stay the same here.

This website has Access Numbers that help one make calls without any use of 3G, 4G or WiFi, to any number in the world. The thing is to use the Access Number in one's area, as a gateway to their VoIP system that makes calls so cheap, like a local call. Actually, international calls are turned intolocal calls on platform, and that is why the prices are affordable.

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