Who can participate?  

Anyone who has valuable, well written  information to share with the Caribbean Community


Can I choose my own topic?  

We generally ask our guest bloggers to stick with our general themes but we are open to new topics


Themes of the month or theme of the website?

We generally ask our guest bloggers to follow the theme of the month. However, we will not deny any blog but we may release it during the appropriate time frame period.

For example, if the theme for the month is Caribbean history and your blog is on a Caribbean person, we may reserve it for the appropriate time.


Am I required to pay a blogger fee for my entry?

As a guest blogger, there is no fee required.


Can I include my company information?

We encourage it, along with a picture.


Who will read my blog?  

A link to the blog will be included in our monthly newsletter and the blog will be advertised on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


Can I do more than one blog?  

Yes, as long as each blog addresses a different topic


How do I submit my blog?

By emailing it to: bluewaterpages@gmail.com


Can my blog be rejected?

Yes!  We reserve the right to reject any blog that we feel will not benefit the Caribbean community, that is poorly written or that has been plagiarised


Is there a word or paragraph limit on my blog?

No, be creative and insightful


Am I allowed to use the blog I have created for your site on another site that is not associated with Bluewaterpages?  

We would love to have your content promoted on our site


Do I have to sign a contract to blog for your website?



What topics are appropriate for my blog?

We do not tolerate any blog that contains any obscene language or that disparages anyone.


Can I post videos?

Yes, but they have to be relevant to the Caribbean Community


What are the blogging themes and topics?

  • Caribbean Food

  • Caribbean Travel

  • Caribbean Immigration

  • Caribbean Education

  • Caribbean Music  

  • Caribbean Events

  • Caribbean Tourism

  • Caribbean Diaspora

  • Caribbean Health

  • Caribbean Business

  • Caribbean Women

  • Caribbean Politics

  • Caribbean Technology
  • Caribbean Humor
  • Caribbean Entertainment
  • Caribbean Outdoor
  • Caribbean Art
  • Caribbean Books
  • Caribbean Family
  • Caribbean Photography
  • Caribbean Weddings
  • Caribbean Fitness
  • Any other topic you may think of


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