Hello my lovely fashion lovers hope the New Year has brought you nothing but blessings and happiness. Even though we are only in the second month of the year, let us go ahead and put the positive vibes out there and wait for those amazing blessings to come your way. With that being said lets continue to talk about fashion! We’ll keep the ball rolling with some major fashion “DONTS”- Don’t try it, don’t think it, and don’t even step out your house girl! Leggings are NOT pants, and tights can be a part of your wardrobe but not the actual bottom for your outfit. “Think of your tights as an accessory. Would you ever wear a purse as a dress? Yeah, that's what we thought.” (Glamour)

Proceed sheer with EXTREME caution! We all want to have “that” epic sheer moment, so if you are going for it, girlfriend, BE sure you know what you are doing. You will definitely make people cringe if you do this wrong. If you are going to show the world your lady parts all I am asking is that you do it with style and grace; it can go from sexy to tacky REAL QUICK!

There comes a time in our lives when we must face the fact that not all of us can wear crop tops. If you are part of the brave individuals who can and will rock a crop top, pair it with a high waisted skirt or high waisted pants or try layering it up.  Add a jacket or maybe a nice cardigan (you’ll thank me later). Please remember: after a certain age, do us all a favor and burn them all. There are plenty of other incredible tops you can wear out. It is not okay to have on the same top as your daughter, niece or granddaughter especially a top the shows off your entire stomach. A crop top should no longer be an essential item in your closet.

Ladies and fellas, depending on who is reading, we all love designers and every once in a while some of you will get the urge to let the world know that you paid over $1,500 for your accessory or maybe the top or bottom of your outfit. I understand the cockiness and sometimes you might feel the need to let us know it cost to look as good as you do, BUT wearing a Gucci belt, shoes, logo coat, hat, top and bottom; is unacceptable. You look absolutely ridiculous. Just go with one piece that blatantly (if that is a must for you) shows off the label, and stick to that one piece. Please don’t even think to disagree and move right along. If labels are your thing, stick to the ones that aren’t so in your face.

-          Jeovanie xoxo


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