Institut Aéronautique et Linguistique de la Guadeloupe IALG


At IALG, our aim is to help our clients develop confidence in expressing themselves in the language learning process, encouraging them to think in the language as they speak. We are using innovative technology and all our classes are taught using videoconference. Our clients can therefore learn from the confort of their home, from their office on their lunchbreak or simply from anywhere they are in the world. Our clients have access to our e-learning zone « Kaizen by IALG » as well as access to a forum where they can exchange their skills or knowledge with language students and teachers. Flexibility is key in our business. We can provide classes at the time of your choice. IALG provides classes by the hour and advantageous packages at an affordable price. Come and have fun while discovering a new language of your choice with IALG. We use innovative technologies and aim to provide our customers with the best online service in language teaching. Learning a language is about oral communication but also it is about energy, body language, cutlure. At IALG, our language department is rich in experience, in culture and in accents. All language courses are taught by native speakers and they aim to naturally develop your ability to think and communicate effectively in the target language. Moreover, our teachers work or have worked in other industries such as sciences, business, art... Whether you are an active professional or you are looking to enhance your CV, our teachers will use their professional experience in these industries and the most appropriate methodology to help you reach your language learning goals.


xavier-jean Laffont

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Villa Mai Jo
Saint Charles
Gourbeyre, Basse-Terre 97113