GSM, GPRS & PSTN Alarm Host compatible with wired, wireless anad Bus zones


Features of this alarm host: 1. 64 defense area: 8 wired, 24 wireless and 32 BUS zones. 2. 6 ways to arm and disarm the system: user code, keyfob, phone, SMS, auto timer, CMS 3. Alarm notification: When alarm occurs, user can have alarm notification by phone call, SMS 4. Can use without keypad 5. LED display on metal case, easier for user to check system information. 6. Supports 8 pcs LCD keypad and 8 wireless remotes. 7. Password: 1 installer code, 1 duress code, 15 user codes 8. CMS: 2 CMS follow me numbers, 1 account number 9. Voice Calling phone number: 4 voice numbers, voice prompting operation to answer the alarm call easy. 10. Event log: 128 event logs. events can be queried. 11. Recording: 10 seconds automatic message recording. FC-7564 alarm procedure Other features: 1. It is with built-in GSM module and can use SMS to arm, disarm, home arm, status checking, cancel alarm etc. GSM will call the preset voice number and with voice prompting to follow to answer the alarm such as chcek alarm zone, trigger siren, cancel alarming etc. 2. GSM and PSTN priority can be set. 3. Keypad Description: It is with Power LED, Arm LED, Disarm LED, Fault LED to indicate status. It is with Fire button, Panic button, Medical button to send alarm signal. It is with check button to check the alarm events. It is used to program the system. 4. BUS zone expander FC-7601 It is single zone module with working voltage DC8.5-24V. It is with tamper inspection switch 5. It is menu guide programming 6. Entry delay time, exit delay time, siren time, ring time, power fault report delay time etc. can be set. 7. It will automatic check detectors every 3 hours (time can be set), and it will alarm when detector is lost. 8. It checks communication between alarm panel and CMS and checking interval time can be set. 9. Zone type setting: burglar, fire alarm, 24 hours, perimeter, emergency, delay, disable 10 Response speed of wireless protection area can be set 11. Cross protection areas can be set. Technical Specification: External AC power supply voltage input: 185-230VAC Output: 13V /2A Backup power supply duration: 16 hours Backup battery (not included). 12V /7AH lead-acid battery. DTMF dial frequency variation: <1.5% Communication Protocol with CMS: Ademco Contact ID Frequency: 433.92MHz Wireless Detector signal receiving distance: 100-120 meters Operation temperature range: 0-45


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