Wholesale Belly Dance Coin Hip Scarves


Belly Dancing Coins Hip Scarves / Belts Wholesale and Retail Belly Dancing Hip Belts. Special Angel Coins are used on this piece, light weight yet Amazingly Jingly. High Quality Poly Chiffon Fabric will make you look extremely sexy and special The beads and coins (total 158 of them!) are all slithering along the belt in a snaking wavy pattern This Unique Professional Pieceshave all Beads & Coins HAND STITICHED & CROCHET ON. Made in Real Detail This sexy costume creates a lovely sound when the dancer moves/shakes - guaranteed to turn heads to you! All colors come in Silver and Gold coins. · Length: 66 inches Width: 11.5 inches Size might varies slightly Please contact us for more informaiton at Jons_Imports@live.com. Also Available in Velvet and Animal Prints Coins Hip Scarves..... A Must for your basic belly dancing classes. Visit us for your wholesale prices at www.jonsimports.com- Available more than 18 colors.